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Why Estepp Energy

Estepp Energy LLC is a Shell oil gasoline and diesel fuel wholesale distributor. We are a locally owned, family business, that has deep roots in the central Kentucky and a long history of success, both on the wholesale and retail sides of the business.

Strategically, Estepp Energy has tried to align its goals, marketing and operational philosophies with those of Shell Oil, specifically related to the promotion of:

  1. Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gas
  2. Shell Branded Credit Cards
  3. Shell Rewards, including the one we are most excited about – The Fuel Rewards Network Program

If we had to use a single word to describe why the Shell brand is so powerful, that word would be passion. For more than 100 years, the employees of Shell have shared a passion to constantly deliver quality products and services – from service to consumers, to improved payment options, to supply reliability, to the fuel itself. The employees at Estepp Energy try to emulate this behavior and believe that we demonstrate our passion for our business through one commitment to excellent customer service both at the wholesale and retail levels.

Whether you are building a store from ground up, needing to re-brand your existing site, need an experienced management team to run your business or all the above, let us share our passion with you.

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